Resto review – La Table de Ventabren revisited

Aix en Provence Restaurant review Perestrello Geller revisits La Table de Ventabren, in Ventabren 10mins from Aix For more Aix en Provence restaurant reviews visit our listings. Two years ago I met Dan Besso...

Le Mome Restaurant – Aix en Provence

Think of Corsica, and you think of white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, wild pigs, treacherous roads, and bandits. Look at a local girl the wrong way and you’ll end up with a Godfather style horses head on your...
Plat du Jour Aix en Provence restaurants

Best Plat du Jour – Aix en Provence

Perestrello Geller searches out the best value lunches in Aix en Provence It's that time of year again. The days are cold and damp, and my arthritic hands begin to throb. My specialist is based in Aix en Prove...

The Forum restaurant – Aix en Provence

Perestrello Geller reviews the Forum restaurant in Aix-en-Provence Sometimes you don’t want bells and whistles, courgettes twirled into spirals and sauces applied to your plate with artistic Elan. Sometimes...
les vieilles canailles aix en provence restaurant

Hanging with the rascals

Les Vieilles Canailles, Aix en Provence, 7 Rue Isolette reviewed by Perestrello Geller Lunch 23 euros for 3 courses, a la carte evening On reflection I think I must have been hypnotised. It’s the only explana...
Les Deux Bouchons restaurant Calas

Having a corking time in Calas

Les Deux Bouchons Provence restaurant, Calas, near Aix en Provence Perestrello Geller revels in the great atmosphere at Les Deux Bouchons, and finds the only thing missing is a giant corkscrew. Somewhere in t...