Ze Bistro Aix-en-Provence5

Resto review – Ze Bistro, Aix en Provence

Perestrello Geller reviews Ze-Bistro Aix en Provence, lunch menu €23 It’s not a good start when a restaurant can’t even put the right location on Google maps. After all this is not ‘Pin the tail on the donke...

Holy Cow – Maussane Resto review

Perestrello Geller ate at La Pitchoune - 21 Place de L’église Maussane Les Alpilles, Tel: 04 90 54 34 84. Menu €32   Star rating: **** Bullseye   In other circumstances we would have left wi...

Review – La Petite Maison

Perestrello Geller eats at La Petite Maison de Cucuron  I had a girlfriend once who had the miraculous ability to be in two or even three places at once.  She had long lustrous dark hair and almond eyes ...

Resto review – Le Madrigal

Restaurant Le Madrigal 4 Ave Docteur Gerard Montus Carry le Rouet 13620 Tel: 04 42 44 58 63 Menus from €35   Having a house in Provence seems to make one as irresistible as a glamour m...