The restaurants which I have enjoyed most in Aix in 2014 and which I have reviewed are Ze Bistro, Drole D’Endroit and Juste en Face. Missing from the list of reviewed favourites is  L’Epicurien at Forum des Cardeurs (06 89 33 49 83 no website). Here are a few words to correct this omission.

At €40 euros for three courses L’Epicurien is priced at almost double the lunch time menu at Ze Bistro. But as they say, in life you get what you pay for. The L’Epicurien menu includes foie gras and fillet steak, and if you dine A La Carte in any other restaurant in Aix and order the same, then the bill for just the two courses will easily exceed 40 euros. So, looked at another way, you get your dessert for free at L’Epicurien.

Trained by Edouard Loubet at the Bastide du Capelongue, L’Epicurien chef Ludovic Aillard has worked extensively abroad, including a stage at Auchterarder House, next door to the gastronomic and golfing temple that is Gleneagles. Ludovic combines technical expertise with international flavours. Take his wonderful seasonal foie gras which he spices up by adding nut wine and whisky to the mix.

When chatting to Ludovic recently, he emphasised how Loubet had taught him the importance of the relationship between the quality of food served and the price. The success of L’Epicurien demonstrates this. Other chefs choose to work with cheaper ingredients to keep the price low, whereas Ludovic offers high quality food at a competitive but not low price.

The last time I ate at the L’Epicurean the food was sensational.


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