Just back from a Camargue Safari researching the Moon Guide to Provence. Here’s 10 things I learnt:

  1. The Camargue is responsible for France’s entire production of rice.
  2. Pump houses along the Petit Rhone, irrigate the agricultural areas of the Camargue
  3. Famous bulls are buried standing up facing the sea.
  4. Camargue bulls spend 15 minutes a year taking part in bull runs. For the rest of the year they are out in the IMG_1314wilds of the Camargue
  5. Spanish bulls natural lifespan is 6 years. They are killed in Corridas at the age of 4/5.
  6. 95% of the bulls in the Camargue are raised for bull runs/the Corridas. Only 5% for meat.
  7. There are approximately 250 gardians. Each is responsible for the bulls of a manad (farm).
  8. The Gardian confrerie is over 500 years old. Every 01 May the Gardians ride into Arles, have a good lunch, and then put on a show in the Arene. The money raised from the crowd goes into a fund to help injured Gardians
  9. When Good King Rene of Aix excavated the bones of Marie Jacobe and Marie Salome in the 15th century, they also found the bones of their servant – Sarah Le Noir.
  10. Flamingoes are pink because of the microscopic prawns they eat. They are pinker in mating season in Spring.

Many thanks to J2M – Safari en Camargue et dans les Alpilles
Mazet de la Montlong-Villeneuve
13200 Arles
safari@camargue.com / www.camargue.com

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