Coming in 2021….Creative Provence

Creative Provence is designed for artists and photographers (“Artists”) keen to refine their skills and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the company of other Artists. Non Artists are of course welcome and the flexible itinerary always includes an alternative activity.

Provence Guru is delighted that world-renowned artist Daniel Adel has agreed to mentor the week. You can visit Dan’s website here, but to summarise Dan is one of the most talented and personable artists you will ever meet. His watercolors of Provencal villages are wonderfully evocative (see above image), his innovative abstract paintings are boundary pushing, and his recent photography series: “Faces of Lourmarin” won the Communication Arts Award for Excellence 2018. In addition Dan is also famed for his portrait work, and his paintings form part of the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. His portraits have featured on the covers of inter alia Time magazine and the Washington Post. Dan has also had several successful one man shows in New York City.

Each day, together with experience leader Jamie Ivey, the group will visit a new location, with Artists able either to immerse themselves in their own interests (perhaps a watercolor of Mont Saint Victoire, or a reportage series of photos) or join a cultural tour of a city such as Aix en Provence. Back at the Chateau at the end of the day Dan will be on hand to offer coaching and advice. Dan’s skill set runs a wide gamut, so if your interest is in Provencal landscape painting, landscape photography, photographic or painted portraiture or even contemporary abstraction, he will have experience and expertise to share with you in developing your own work.

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