Green Lentils of Provence ” Charles Trabaud”

served as a salad, dressed with  smoked eel and a broth

Recipe courtesy of Sebastien Sanjou Le Relais de Moines *

For 4 guests:

400 gr of green lentils of Provence (Charles Trabaud, Rocbaron)

20 gr of diced carrots

20 gr of finely diced (3mm cubes) mushrooms white

20 gr of a finely diced onions

20 gr of finely diced  celery branch

20 gr of diced bacon

1 litre of good chicken stock

200 gr of liquid cream 35 %

40 gr of smoked eel filet

½minced shallot

1 piece of spring onion finely sliced

½ bunch chopped chives

1 bouquet garni thyme / laurier

3 cloves garlic peeled

20 gr of butter

4 micro shoots of daikon radish

Qn sweet soy sauce

To taste olive oil Aoc

To taste balsamic vinegar of Modena

To taste fine salt / pepper mill


In a stockpan sweat the olive oil, the finely chopped vegetables, and the garlic cloves without  coloration, salting lightly.

Incorporate the lentils

Moisten with the stock and simmer until the lentils have a light crunch.

Remove and reserve ¼ of the lentils once cooled in the refrigerator.

Remove the bouquet garni and the garlic cloves.

Incorporate the liquid cream to the remaining lentils and cook 15 minutes to simmer.

Mix and pass the broth through a strainer (chinois) and then correct the seasoning with the salt pepper and the fresh butter, keep warm.

In a bowl, season the lentil salad with: salt, pepper, a dash of soy sauce, a dash of balsamic vinegar, a dash of olive oil, chives, minced shallot.

Chop the smoked eel into 4 neat cubes


In shallow plates, arrange the lentil salad, incorporating  the cubes of eel, the spring onion and a micro pulses of radish.

Thicken the broth, serve a little in the base, and serve the rest in a sauce dish.


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