This month the Guru is loving this take on ceviche from Restaurant Bacon Cap’D Antibes.IMG_7488

Raw fish in lemon and herbs

For four persons : Marinade ingredients

1/10 lemon juice

4/10 olive oil

a pinch of salt, pepper ginger powder chilli powder

a coffee spoon of minced Tarragon, minced Basil

For the fish

1.2 kg whole (400 g cleaned) of the fish desired (Loup, Daurade Royale, Sar, Pageot, Denti)


100g of small French green beansIMG_4526

2 artichoke hearts

2 tomatoes

a bunch of chervil


Filet the fish (be sure that there are no scales remaining).

Cut the filets into small slices, not too thick.IMG_7335

Prepare the marinade as you would a vinaigrette and add the fresh herbs at the last minute.

Drench the fish in the marinade, mix all together, and quickly remove the fish.

Put the fish in a colander to drain.


Place a small bouquet of seasoned green beans in the centre of a plate with an artichoke heart.

Arrange the marinated fish around the outside of the plate.

Sprinkle with some small chopped tomato and finish by snipping some chervil over all and seasoning with Fleur de Sel de Guérande.

Serve chilled.

Tip : Don’t prepare this dish in advance. The lemon juice with cook the fish and dry it out.


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