800 gr of lamb kidney

A handful of dried morrilles mushroomsris d'agneau aux morilles et petits légumes de printemps

A glass of white wine

2 shallots

20 cl of crème fraiche liquid

A soup spoon of veal stock

20 gr of butter, salt pepper, 3 soup spoons of olive oil

500g of frozen beans

8 asparagus

Cooking Instructions

Rehydrate the morrilles in hot water for an hour

Poach the Lamb kidneys in boiling water for 5 minutes

Fry them in butter for 5 minutes, season

Dice and then fry the shallots

Deglaze with white wine, add the veal stock, morrilles and crème fraiche

Stir with a wooden spoon and let the sauce thicken

Add the kidneys to the pan and set aside

Prepare the vegetables

Cut the asparagus in half retaining the head end.

Fry the asparagus in olive oil

Add some salt and pepper, and a glass of water, cover until the asparagus are cooked.

Do the same separately for the beans.

Add the vegetables to the pan with the kidneys and re-heat.


Bonne app!


Claude’s Kitchen

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