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Once again this July Pierre Cardin’s Lacoste festival  dominates the Luberon cultural scene. Provence guru caught up with Pierre Cardin to discuss all things fashion and Provence.


D copie 11.   What has been the most memorable moment of your career?

There are so many important moments in my career : meeting Christian Dior, the opening of my fashion house in 1950, my first ready to wear collection in Spring 1959 and my election to the Institute of France in 1992.

2.   Tell us about the favourite dress you have designed.

My favourite outfit is the one I still want to design for a life which doesn’t yet exist, for the world of tomorrow.

1975-H3.   What’s your biggest mistake ?

My error was to have listened to my franchisees who discouraged me from designing trainers, jeans and swatch watches.

4.   Which young designer do you admire most and why ?

I like working with Jean Paul Gaultier, capable like me of great audacity.

5.   Do you have any advice for a young designer ?

To succeed, work, always work, and the ambition to get there

6.   If you could change one thing in the fashion industry what would it be ?

No response

7.   What do you value the most ?

My independence and my liberty.

8.   What is your greatest extravagance ?1990-T

My willpower.

9.   What is your philosophy on life ?

Remain calm at all times.

10.                What’s your favourite book ?

 L’Etranger,  Camus.

11.                When and why did you fall in love with the Luberon ?

This region makes me think at times of Tuscany in Italy, where I love the amazing light.

12.                Why Lacoste in particular ?

Lacoste if I may say so, came to me. The ancient château proposed itself to me 10 years ago. I liked the challenge of renovating it…the idea of finishing the work of the previous owners seduced me.

13.                Does the association with Sade please you ?

I know, like all the world, the divine Marquis. I appreciate the great quality of his writing and  I am evidently now sharing part of his life.

14.                What inspired you to create the Lacoste festival ?

The natural stage formed by the rocks of Lacoste immediately inspired me. For me it was evident, I wanted to bring the place alive.

15.                Have you always liked opera ?

Yes since a young age, I liked listening to all forms of music, including opera. As a young man I went to listen at the Pleyel Hall.

2000-L16.                Which opera inspires you most ? 

A Russian rock opera Juno and Avos which I played in the L’Espace Cardin in the middle of the cold war.

17.                Which star would you most like to have at the festival ?

Cécilia Bartoli.

18.                How do you feel about the discontent which has arisen in Lacoste as a result of your purchasing village houses ?

I am indifferent to these sentiments. The houses were for sale and offered to me, I never forced people to sell to me.

19.                When you retire where will you live ?

I never want to retire. I am always in motion. My life is work. To create and to learn right until the end.


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