For the pastry                                                                   

200 g of flower

110 g of butter

A few flakes of salt

40 gr of almond powder

50 g of sugar

1 egg


For the almond cream

200 g of almond powder

120 g of powdered sugar

3 whole eggs

150 g of softened butter



For the filling:

8 pears

White and red raisins

50g of butter,

2 table spoons of honey

Put the flour in a large bowl, with the almond powder, the sugar, and the salt and mix.

Add the butter in small quantities, use the end of your fingers to make the pastry, add the egg and continue to mix the pastry. Form a large ball and put in the fridge for an hour.

During this time, make the almond cream.

Mix the butter with sugar, add the eggs, and the almond powder. Put in the fridge.

Cut the pears in two and take out the centre.

Heat the butter and the honey in a pan and caramlise the pears. Dust with cinnamon.

Spread the pastry between two sheets of baking paper, and cook in a tart mould for 15 m at 200 degrees.

Add the almond cream, and the raisins and put back into the over for 40m. Once your tart is ready, add the pears and a little caramel.


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