IMG_0668It’s well known that finding a tradesman in Provence during August can be a little difficult. Our pool man chooses the busiest days of the swimming pool year to drive a 4×4 around the Tunisian dessert. I guess he’s just had enough of water.

When you do find a tradesman you can end up having the strangest conversations. It’s as if the heat has got to everyone. Here’s a real snippet of August chat from a St Trop builder. The background to the conversation is the prospect of having to leave an enormous trench in a garden overnight before the JCB man returns the next morning to fill the earth back in.

‘Look at it this way, it’s a good defence vs burglars’ says the jaunty landowner, trying to put a brave face on his problems.

Builder sucking in air through his teeth: ‘Got to be careful though’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Had a friend who planted landmines in his garden’


‘They were only small ones… blew a couple of toes clean off a burglar.’

‘What happened?’

‘He went to jail.’

‘The burglar?’

‘No, my friend.’

Landowner despite himself still curious: ‘Where’d he get the landmines?’

‘Dealer in Marseille,’


Builder: ‘Kalashnikovs and grenades are much better business than drugs these days. No St Trop house is complete without its own armoury.’


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