It’s not been a warm summer here in Provence. There have been hot days, cold days, windy days and wet days. Wonderful if you live here because the temperature has (apart from early June) not got above 35 degrees, and even when it’s grey there is always the certain promise of sunshine round the corner, but terrible if you are a tourist – the cicadas have barely mustered more than a chirp, and the sweater (you know the one that everybody does not know whether to pack or not) has been a de-rigeur item of clothing.

The Luberon skyline August 2014 - Promises a great year for truffles

The Luberon skyline 13th  August 2014  – Promises a great year for truffles

It was against this background, and to the sound of pouring rain that I ventured out this morning to see the local garagiste. Now Bruno, as well as a great mender of cars, is also a sage. He took one look at the sky and declared:

‘C’est la pluie de truffe’

I looked at the sky half expecting great black pungent balls to fall on my head.

Bruno continued: ‘If it rains mid-June , mid-July  and mid-August, then come winter there will be a truffle bonanza.’

So you heard it here first, if you live in Provence plan your Christmas indulgences early because truffles prices are going to be at their lowest for many years…that is if you believe Bruno the garagiste.




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