Tiramisu aux Fruits Rouge

For 6 or 8 serving glasses depending on the size.


1 packet of Rose de Reims tea biscuits

250g of mascarpone

250g of cottage cheesephoto 1 (6)

75 g of powdered sugar

4 eggs

400g of a mixture of red fruit according to taste

200g of a mixture of frozen red fruit according to taste

2 soup spoons of raspberry jam, ½ a glass of water, raspberry liqueur

Preparation instructions:

Cut the biscuits in two and soak in a mixture of the liqueur and the jam.

Place three pieces of biscuit at the bottom of each serving glass

Defrost the frozen fruit for 15 minutes and mix with a little sugar

Mix the red fruits with a little sugar and place them into the serving glasses

Separate the whites and the yolk of the egg. Beat the 4 yolks with 75 g of sugar and blanche. Add the mascarpone and the cottage cheese

Beat the whites of the egg and add to the preparation

Fill the serving glasses with the preparation and place in the fridge.

To serve decorate with a few red fruits.

Bon app


Claudia’s kitchen.

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