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Provence wine tasting

Jamie Ivey goes off the beaten track to discover a very special Provence wine tasting

I have a friend who invested in a vineyard in Patagonia. He could not stop talking about the special soil and climate. His plan was to produce wines the equal of Bordeaux’s finest. In order to get to this slice of vinous heaven, he needed to board several flights, the last of which was a light aircraft. He then had to spend hours bumping in a 4×4 across the barren Patagonian landscape, until he reached wine nirvana. Unfortunately for my friend he never produced a bottle, because his partner ran off with the investment money.

I was reminded of this story recently when visiting Domaine des Masques, in Le Tholonet just outside Aix. The information leaflet I’d picked up for the vineyard promised an extraordinary visit – a southern French vineyard with a unique micro-climate, perched on the Plateau du Cengle just underneath Mont Saint Victoire. At 500m of altitude, summer temperatures drop comparatively low overnight, allowing the growth of varietals such as Chardonnay and Viognier, which are not commonly used in Provence wine. However, it was the picture of the vineyard, which really intrigued: an old mas, clinging for its life to the lower slopes of Mont Ste Victoire, lest a particularly fierce gust of the mistral sent it spiraling Wizard of Oz style into the planes below.

I had to visit. 20 minutes down a dirt track and having already forded a river I came to a sign:

“Fire vehicles only beyond this point.”

I called the vineyard and was told to continue. Apparently the sign is wrong it should read:

“Fire vehicles and thirsty tourists only beyond this point.”

The track ran on for another 4 bumpy miles, and as my head bounced once more off the roof of the car, I sympathized with my friend and his day long journey over the Patagonian desert. To make a special wine, he once told me, you have to make sacrifices.

His sacrifice was greater than mine. While it was uncomfortable to jolt along for 30 minutes, the view more than made up for any inconvenience. The road to Domaines des Masques, is simply sensational. Even if you have no interest in wine, I urge you to travel on it. I can’t think of any place in Provence from which you get such a sensational view of Mont Saint Victoire. There’s also the wonderful feeling of being totally alone in the Provencal countryside. For the last few hundred metres the track bumps along parallel to the edge of the Plateau du Cengle and visitors are welcome to stop and stick their head over the precipice.

The vineyard when it comes into view is a delight. Rows of lavender chase up to the door of an old mas, and cypress trees pierce the sky outside the cave. The tasting room is to one side of the ultramodern wine making facilities. There are 4 whites,  5 reds, and a rose to taste. All the wines available offer a pleasing minerality and lightness on the palate, attributable to the altitude. Of the whites my favourite was the exception chardonnay (€11 per bottle), which displayed non of the heavy clumsy buttery flavours which can wreck this grape, instead calling to mind a decent Chablis. Of the reds I liked the 100% Syrah exception, which with its ripe fruits and pungent earthiness represents good value at €11 a bottle.

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  1. Roland Koelzer

    Dear ProvenceGuru,

    very nice choice, to introduce a vineyard from the Mont Ste. Victoire.

    On our last stay in April 2015 we tried several wines of this special region (as a sidekick to Bandol-wines) and came across the Vineyards of the Family Sumeire on a restaurant in La Ciotat:

    We tasted their range of wines and were very pleased. Since then we order their wines on a regular basis by a great wine-distributor in France. Sad to say, that the Famille Sumeire has no fully stocked distributor in Germany.
    On our tasting-trip even the mid-range “Chateau Coussin” was very impressing. Not only the Rose, especially the white was a real surprise.

    If you travel near Aix I recommend a visit. Mme. Elie Sumeire is one of the nicest Winemakers I ever met. But the road is bumpy, too.
    We had to go to the workshop after the trip, to repair the underbody of our car 😉

    btw: this Page is very nice work, helped us a lot on the last 5 years (4 trips to the Provence)


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