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Provence Wine Tasting, Domaine Sainte Philomene, Lambesc/Pelissanne nr Aix en Provence

Provence Guru’s Perestrello Geller is once again on the hunt for the best Provence wine.

I’d begun to give up hope of finding a decent bottle of provence rosé wine at a reasonable price. The market for pink wine has exploded over the last decade, resulting in lots of expensively packaged plonk and plenty of good wine, similarly over packaged and priced stratospherically.

One only has to look at the hype surrounding Brad and Ange’s pink offering, Chateau Miraval. The squat bottle calls to mind Laurent Perrier’s pink Champagne and the marketing angels from their collaborators the Perrin family would have us believe this wine that is sold out before it is even released. There’s even a bespoke shop for the wine at the top of the Cours Mirabeau.

It all started with those charming people at Domaine Ott who were the first to proclaim the gastronomic qualities of their provence rosé. Kate Moss was pictured bare foot on the beach at St Tropez lazily clutching one of the amphere shaped bottles as she walked through the surf. Soon after the celebrity hedonistic drink of choice became gastro-pink, by which I mean provence rosé with aspirations to accompany fine food, rather than the vrac that gives you stomach rot. Our own editor at the Guru, Jamie Ivey, wrote three books on the booming provence rosé market.

But I digress, for I have something very important to impart. I have solved the problem of what pink we should all be drinking this summer. The provence rose wine in question is made by a charming small vineyard located between Lambesc and Pellissane. It’s called Domaine Sainte Phimomene Cuvee Capucine, it’s made from 30 years plus Cabernet, Syrah,and Grenache vines and it is quite simply delicious. The colour is that wonderful pink of baby’s skin, that glints like coral in the summer light, and the taste is full of summer fruits, yet still dry, and with a wonderful ability to linger on the palate. For those interested in rosé wine pairing, this is a wine which will stand-up to hearty summer bbqs, as well as being the perfect apero.

And the best thing about this wine, is the price, because this 75cl of pure liquid summer joy, costs just 6 euros. Spend twice as much in any decent wine shop and you’ll get a wine half the quality. You don’t have to just take my word for it, the judges at the Concours du Vin, Paris, agreed awarding both the Domaine’s provence rosés gold medals.

My advice, get down to Pellissanne now, and stock the boot of your car full of the stuff, because you really will not find another provence rosé as good for 6 euros in the whole of Provence. Whilst you’re there you might as well slip in a few cases of the domaine’s excellent white and red, at 5 euros a bottle, they are great cellar boosters for when guests come quaffing.

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