This is a true Provencal classic. Surprisingly the garlic is not overpowering. Served with a few rosemary roast potatoes and some asparagus, it’s a great lunch for a sunny spring day.


1 Free range chicken weighing approx 1.5 kilos

3 Sprigs of Thyme

Basil to taste

Tarragon to taste

40 cloves of garlic (peeled but not chopped)

Salt pepper

Cooking instructions:

Stuff the inside of the chicken with 15 garlic cloves, and half the herbs, rub the inside of the chicken with salt and pepper.

Place the remaining garlic cloves and herbs in an oven proof pot which has been greased all over with olive oil.

Place the chicken in the pot and roast for 1 hour and a half on 225 degrees. Make sure the lid is firmly on the pot.

This recipe is adapted from the recipe appearing in Provence by Lars Boesgaard









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