Reine Sammut is the chef at the Michelin starred La Feniere. Here is her recipe for Pannequets D’Aubergines which she demonstrated at the Lourmarin farmers market. (Every tuesday in season)


250g minced lamb

One chopped onion

1 egg

Mint or cumin or Coriander

Salt Pepper

4 Aubergines

100g Parmesan



Peel the aubergines and cut into slices 5mm thick and then fry

Mix together all the other ingredients into meatballs the size of a large nut

Place two slices of fried aubergines in the shape of a cross and place the meatball in the middle of the cross

Wrap the ball with the aubergines

Sprinkle with parmesan

Repeat until all aubergines and meat balls are finished

Place in a hot over for 20 minutes


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  1. Suzanne Schilling

    I am looking for cooking classes preferably chef level fall 2017. Do you have any
    suggestions where to look?

    I want about 3-5 days

    Thank you


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