Strawberry tarts/Raspberry tarts


500 gr of strawberries/raspberries. Note the following recipe is for strawberry tarts, but the fruits are interchangeable

For the pastryraspberry tart

100 g of flour

100 g of almond powder

110 g of butter

70 g of sugar

2 pinches of sea salt, 1 egg

Patisserie cream

500ml of milk

4 eggs

125 grams of caster sugar

50 grams of water

1 lemon, 1 pinch of salt


For the pastrystrawberry tart

Mix the almond powder, the flour and the sugar, and the salt

Add the butter little by little

Mix between the fingers to incorporate the butter and other ingredients

Add a beaten egg and make the pastry in a ball shape

Leave in the fridge for an hour

For the patisserie cream

Boil the milk with the lemon zest

In a bowl add two egg yolks and two whole eggs. Add the sugar and place the bowl in boiling water.

Little by little add the hot milk and turn with a wooden spoon

Put the mixture into a casserole pot and mix together over a low heat until you have a thick consistency.

Add a little lemon to taste

Roll the pastry out on baking paper and place into cooking moulds. Cook for 25 minutes at 200 degrees

Final touches

Once the pastry has cooled pipe the cream into the tart base

Decorate with strawberries

Recipe from Claudia’s Kitchen

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